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Dear Customers:


In order to facilitate the sale of the Custom Signals Business, it is necessary to reduce the overall Custom Signals Stock.  In order to do this, I am having a sale of all remaining stock.


It is as follows:


1. The sale applies to HO and O-scale Atlas signals, Custom Signal’s signals and Custom Signals electronic PCBs in stock.

2. All single items will be 20% off MSRP.

3. A cases (12 of the same item) will be 40% off.

4. This is for in stock items only.  I will NOT be ordering or producing any new stock.  Once it is gone, it will be posted as SOLD OUT on the web site.

5.  Order by sending an e-mail to terryc@customsignals.com.  Payment is by check or PayPal account.

6. Customer must be registered on the web site with full information before ordering.

7. All sales are final, no returns.  1 year warranty still applies.

8. Shipping and sales tax (if applicable) are additional.


Atlas has announced it will reproducing their N, HO and O scale signals.  All of these will NOT include the Signal Control Board (SCB) with the signal.  The SCB will be available for separate purchase.  All on my O-scale signals on sale include the SCBs in the box.  This means a substantial savings over the new Atlas signal production.

I have very few HO signals left, but I do have SCBs for what signals I do have left available for separate sale.

The Track Configuration Library will be available on the web site for planning.

All items are on a first come, first served basis.


DEALERS: Please call about bulk orders and substantial discounts.



If you have put off doing a signal system for your layout, now is the time to move ahead.  If you do your entire layout with a compete signal system, I am offering a 30% discount on all signals and electronics.  You must do the following:

1. Send a scale drawing of your complete layout.  This can be an RR-TRACK program, CAD program or carefully hand drawn.

2. You must have a complete SIGNAL PLAN done for the layout.  Information on planning is available on the web site at  http://www.customsignals.com/system-design.php or you can pay me to do it for you.

3. All signals necessary to do the complete layout must be purchased from Custom Signals.  12 or more of the same items will get the 40% discount.  Any signals previously purchased from Custom Signals can be used to complete the layout.

4. Shipping and applicable sale taxes will be applied.






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