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36 Yates Blvd.  Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Email: TerryC@CustomSignals.com


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         Make checks payable to CUSTOM SIGNALS and send to the address aboveFor faster service, e-mail or

         call Custom Signals to arrange for PayPal Payments on line.



(All prices are subject to change without notice. 

Prices do not include shipping, handling and insurance.)


Company                         Product #          Description                                                         Price



Atlas                                            6930                          Single Target Mast Signal    (3-Rail)                                      $79.95

Atlas                                            6934                          4-Pack Single Target Mast Signals (3-Rail)                          $299.95

Atlas                                            7930                          Single Target Mast Signal (2-Rail)                                          $94.95

Atlas                                            7934                          4-Pack Single Target Mast Signals (2-Rail)                          $349.95

Custom Signals                        OG-15                         Bi-directional Target Mast Signal                                  SOLD OUT                                                Custom Signals                        OG-25 (L or R)          Double Target Mast Signal                                                       $69.95

Custom Signals                        OG-35 (L or R)          Double Target Mast Signal                                               SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        OG-45                         Double Target Mast Signal                                              SOLD OUT       

Custom Signals                        OG-55                         Triple Target Mast Signal                                                 SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        OG-56                         Triple Target Mast Signal (Modified R/3/3)                  SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        OG-57                         Triple Target Mast Signal (Modified 3/R/3)                  SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        OG-58                         Triple Target Mast Signal (Modified R/R/3)                  SOLD OUT

Atlas                                            235                            HO Type G Single Target Signal                                               $36.95

Atlas                                            236                            HO Type G Single Target Signal w/ SCB                       SOLD OUT

Atlas                                            237                            HO Type G Single Target Signal 4/pk                              $119.95

Atlas                                            238                            HO Type G Double Target Signal                                   SOLD OUT Atlas                                            239                            HO Type G Bidirectional Target Signal                                   $54.95

Custom Signals                        HG-55                         HO Type G Triple Target Signal                                     SOLD OUT 

Atlas                                            2235                          N Type G Single Target Signal                                        SOLD OUT

Atlas                                            2236                          N Type G Single Target Signal w/ SCB                          SOLD OUT

Atlas                                            2237                          N Type G Single Target Signal 4/pk                               SOLD OUT  Atlas                                            2238                          N Type G Double Target Signal                                      SOLD OUT

Atlas                                            2239                          N Type G Bidirectional Target Signal                             SOLD OUT



Atlas                                            6932                          Single Target Mast Signal    (3-Rail)                                SOLD OUT      

Atlas                                            6936                          4-Pack Single Target Mast Signals (3-Rail)                    SOLD OUT

Atlas                                            7932                          Single Target Mast Signal (2-Rail)                                   SOLD OUT      

Atlas                                            7936                          4-Pack Single Target Mast Signals (2-Rail)                     SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        SL-11                          Single Target Searchlight Dwarf Signal                                    $29.95

Custom Signals                        SL-12                          Double Target Searchlight Dwarf Signal                                  $59.95

Custom Signals                        SL-25                          Double Target Mast Signal                                               SOLD OUT 

Custom Signals                        SL-26                          Double Target Mast Signal (additional PCB)                 SOLD OUT           

Custom Signals                        SL-35                          Double Target Mast Signal                                               SOLD OUT      

Custom Signals                        SL-45                          Double Target Mast Signal                                               SOLD OUT      

Custom Signals                        SL-55                          Triple Target Mast Signal                                                          $84.95 

Custom Signals                        SL-56                          Triple Target Mast Signal (Modified R/3/3)                            $84.95

Custom Signals                        SL-57                          Triple Target Mast Signal Modified (3/R/3)                          $84.95

Custom Signals                        SL-58                          Triple Target Mast Signal (Modified R/R/3)                            $84.95  



Atlas                                            6925        Single Target Mast Signal    (3-Rail)                                                 SOLD OUT

Atlas                                            6926        4-Pack Single Target Mast Signals (3-Rail)                                     SOLD OUT

Atlas                                            7925        Single Target Mast Signal    (2-Rail)                                                          $94.95      

Atlas                                            7926        4-Pack Single Target Mast Signals (2-Rail)                                             $349.95

Custom Signals                        PRR-2       Single Target Bridge Signal                                                                         $64.95

Custom Signals                        PRR-11     Single Target Dwarf Signal                                                                SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        PRR-15     Single Target Bidirectional Signal                                                              $79.95

Custom Signals                        PRR-22     Double Target Bridge Signal                                                                       $69.95

Custom Signals                        PRR-25     Double Target Mast Signal                                                                         $79.95

Custom Signals                        PRR-42     Double Target Bridge Signal                                                                       $69.95

Custom Signals                        PRR-45     Double Target Mast Signal                                                                         $79.95

Custom Signals                        PRR-52     Double Target Bridge Signal                                                                       $74.95      

Custom Signals                        PRR-55     Double Target Mast Signal                                                                         $84.95      



Atlas                                          6911          Single Target Color Position Light Signal (3-Rail)                          SOLD OUT

Atlas                                          6912          Single Target Color Position Light Signal (3-Rail, 4 PK)                SOLD OUT

Atlas                                          7911          Single Target Color Position Light Signal (2-Rail)                          SOLD OUT

Atlas                                          7912          Single Target Color Position Light Signal (2-Rail, 4 PK)                SOLD OUT


Custom Signals                        CS-1          Grade Crossing Signal w/1 pair of flashers                                             $29.95

Custom Signals                        CS-2A       Grade Crossing Signal w/2 pair of flashers                                             $29.95

Custom Signals                        CS-2B       Grade Crossing Signal w/2 pair of flashers                                             $29.95

Custom Signals                        CS-2          Grade Crossing Signals w/signs and flasher                                          $74.95

Custom Signals                        CS-3          Grade Crossing Signal w/3 pair of flashers                                             $34.95

Custom Signals                        CS-3A        Grade Crossing Signals w/signs and flasher                                         $79.95

Custom Signals                        AWS-1     Advance Warning Signs (2/pk)                                                                $  4.95      

Custom Signals                        WPS-1      Whistle Post Signs (2/pk)                                                                          $  4.95



Custom Signals                        BRIDGE- 1               N&W or PRR Cantilever Bridge, (w/o Signals)                         CALL

Custom Signals                        BRIDGE- 5               Conrail Cantilever Signal Bridge, (w/o Signals)                        CALL       

Custom Signals                        BRIDGE- 5A            Conrail Cantilever Signal Bridge, (w/ Signals)                          CALL

Custom Signals                  BRIDGE- 6A            PRR Bridge w/ 2 PRR-2 Signals                                           CALL

Custom Signals                  BRIDGE- 6B             PRR Bridge w/ 2 PRR-22 or 42 Signals                                  CALL

Custom Signals                  BRIDGE- 6C             PRR Bridge w/ 2 PRR-52 Signals                                        CALL

Custom Signals                        BRIDGE- 7               N&W Signal Bridge, 2 Tks                                                          CALL

Custom Signals                        BRIDGE- 7A           N&W Signal Bridge, Add on per Tk                                           CALL

Custom Signals                        BRIDGE- 8               Conrail Signal Bridge, 2 Tks                                                         CALL

Custom Signals                        BRIDGE- 8A           Conrail Signal Bridge, Add on Per Tk                                          CALL

Custom Signals                        BT-1                         Bracketed Tower (w/o Signals)                                                    CALL

Custom Signals                        FL-4                          Modern Floodlight Tower                                               SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        Book-1                     Railroad Signaling Book                                                      SOLD OUT



Atlas                                            6931                       Type D 2-Color Switch Signal                                          SOLD OUT

Atlas                                            6935                       4-Pack Type D 2-Color Switch Signal                             SOLD OUT       

Ross Custom Switches                50                        Small Scale Switch Stand                                                  SOLD OUT                                               N. J. International                     3300                        NJI Two Color Switch Indicator, 2/pk                             SOLD OUT

N. J. International                     3301                        NJI Two Color Switch Indicator, 2/pk                             SOLD OUT

N. J. International                     3911                        Star Type Switch Stand                                                     SOLD OUT     

N. J. International                     3912                        Branch Line Switch Stand                                                 SOLD OUT

N. J. International                     3913                        Main Line Switch Stand                                                    SOLD OUT

N. J. International                     3914                        Lo Ramapo Switch Stand                                                  SOLD OUT

N. J. International                     3915                        Hi Ramapo Switch Stand                                                   SOLD OUT



Atlas                                              234                       HO-Scale Block Signal Controller                                     SOLD OUT

Atlas                                            2234                       N-Scale Block Signal Controller                                        SOLD OUT

Atlas                                         6931A                      Atlas 6931A Dwarf Switch Indicator PCB                                 $14.95

Atlas                                            6924                       Non Derail Circuit Board                                                   SOLD OUT                                        Atlas                                            7935                       Current Sensing Detector                                                            $9.95      

Atlas                                7935A                Current Sensing Detector (bulk packed)                       $5.00

Custom Signals                        ACB-1                     Auxiliary Control Board                                                     SOLD OUT     

ITT                                             BELL-1                    Grade Crossing Bell Circuit with Speaker                        SOLD OUT

Circuitron                                  BD-1                        Opto-Sensor Block Signal Detector                                          $32.95

NCE                                            BD-20                      Current Sensing Detector                                                  SOLD OUT

NCE                                            BD-20P                    Current Sensing Detector with POT                                        $14.95

Daylee                                        565                          Current Sensing Detector                                                          $34.95

Custom Signals                        BSC-1                      O-Scale Block Signal Controller, G Signals                     SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        BSC-2                      O-Scale Block Signal Controller, SL, D Signals               SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        BSC-3                      O-Scale Block Signal Controller, PRR Signals                 SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        BSC-4                      O-Scale Block Signal Controller, PRR Dwarf                    SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        BSF-1                      Block Signal Flasher (OG versions)                                           $19.95      

Custom Signals                        BSF-2                      Block Signal Flasher (PRR version)                                           $19.95      

Custom Signals                        BSF-3                      Block Signal Flasher (SL & D versions)                                    $19.95        

Custom Signals                        BSF-6                      6-Pack of Block Signal Flashers (any version)                 SOLD OUT      

Custom Signals                        BSF-HO                  Block Signal Flasher (HO-G versions)                                       $19.95      

Custom Signals                        BSF-N                     Block Signal Flasher (N-G versions)                                          $19.95      

Custom Signals                        BUS-1                     1 Pair of Screw-Down Terminals                                                     $.25

Circuitron                                  DT-2                       Full Logic Grade Crossing Detector                                   SOLD OUT      

Custom Signals                        DT-3R                    3-Rail Grade Crossing Detector (3 zones)                                   $19.95      

Circuitron                                  DT-4                       Rolling Stock Detector                                                         SOLD OUT      

Custom Signals                        GBC-1                     Grade Bell Control Board                                                               TBA

Custom Signals                        GCF-1                     Grade Crossing Flasher/Detector                                       SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        TDC-1                     Tumble-Down Signal Controller                                        SOLD OUT      

Custom Signals                        TSC-1                      Turnout Signal Controller, Phase 1                                   SOLD OUT                                  Custom Signals                        TSC-2                      Turnout Signal Controller, Phase 2                              SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        TSC-3                      Turnout Signal Controller, Phase 3                               SOLD OUT


Order from Atlas the #70000047 Interlocking Control Board in place of the TSC-3



Custom Signals                        ADAP-6                     6-Conductor, 2-Way Modular Adaptor                        SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        COUP-6                      6-Conductor Modular Coupler                                       SOLD OUT       

Custom Signals                        COUP-8                      8-Conductor Modular Coupler                                       SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        JACK-6                      6-Conductor Hard Wire to Modular Jack                      SOLD OUT                                   Custom Signals                        JACK-8                      8-Conductor Hard Wire to Modular Jack                      SOLD OUT                        

Custom Signals                        RJ-12S                        6-Conductor Modular Plug for Small Wires                  SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        RJ-12                          6-Conductor Modular Plug                                               SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        RJ-45                          8-Conductor Modular Plug                                               SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        CRIMP TOOL          Deluxe Modular Crimping Tool                                                $29.95



Custom Signals                        CABLE TIES           Cable Tie Straps to hold wires in place                              SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        WIRE-1                    6”, 4-Conductor Wire w/Plugs                                                     $1.50

Custom Signals                        WIRE-2                    12”, 4-Conductor Wire w/Plugs                                                   $1.50

Custom Signals                        WIRE-4M                4-Conductor white Modular Wire, per/ft.                          SOLD OUT        

Custom Signals                        WIRE-6M                6-Conductor Modular Wire, per/ft.                                     SOLD OUT              

Custom Signals                        WIRE-#W               #’ of 4-Conductor Wire w/Plugs,                                  SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        WIRE-#B                 #’ of 6-Conductor Wire w/Plugs,                                        SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        WIRE GRN/WT      24ga. Detection Extension Wire, Green/wt  per foot        SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        WIRE ORN/WT      24ga. Turnout Indication Wire, Orange/wt  per foot       SOLD OUT



Custom Signals                        ACC-2                       AC to DC Converter/Filter                                                 SOLD OUT        

Custom Signals                        BUS-1                        Screw-Down Euro Terminal Block, per pair                             $  .25        

Custom Signals                        DIODES-6                6-Pack of Small Diodes for Special Connections            SOLD OUT       

Custom Signals                        PPB-1                        Pre-Drilled Panel Board w/ Screws & Spacers/sq. ft.     SOLD OUT                

Custom Signals                        PPB-2                        Pre-Drilled Panel Board w/ Screws & Spacers/sq. ft.     SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                     PPB-DP               Drill Pattern Sheet for Making Your Own PPB                            $10.00

Custom Signals                        SPACERS                Screws and offsets for mounting PCBs to PPB/sq. ft.     SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        WIRE RED              50’, Red Panel Board Connecting Wire, 24ga.                   SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        WIRE BLACK        50’, Black Panel Board Connecting Wire, 24ga.                SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        WIRE BROWN       50’, Brown Panel Board Connecting Wire, 26ga.             SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        WIRE ORANGE     50’, Orange Panel Board Connecting Wire, 26ga.            SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        WIRE YELLOW     50’, Yellow Panel Board Connecting Wire, 26ga.                      $5.95

Custom Signals                        WIRE GREEN         50’, Green Panel Board Connecting Wire, 26ga.                SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        WIRE BLUE            50’, Blue Panel Board Connecting Wire, 26ga.                  SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        WIRE WHITE         50’, White Panel Board Connecting Wire, 26ga.                     $5.95        

Custom Signals                        WIRE GRAY           50’, Gray Panel Board Connecting Wire, 26ga.                        $5.95

Custom Signals                        WIRE MIXED         40’, Mixed Panel Board Connecting Wire, 26ga.              SOLD OUT      




Atlas                                              200                         Atlas Snap Relay                                                                         $12.95

Atlas                                            6098                         Atlas Under-Table Switch Machine                                         $24.95

Z-Stuff                                         1008                         Add-on relay for Z-1000 turnout motor                           SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        ACC-2                       AC to DC Converter/Filter KIT                                         SOLD OUT      

Custom Signals                        CABLE TIES            Cable Tie Straps to hold wires in place                            SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        WG-2                   Wire Guides (each)                                              SOLD OUT

Circuitron                                  OS-1                           Opto-sensor                                                                        SOLD OUT

Circuitron                                  OS-6                           Opto-sensor (6/pk)                                                             SOLD OUT  

Custom Signals                        SW-RED                    Power ON/OFF Switch                                                       SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        SW-BLK                    Approach Lighting ON/OFF Switch                                SOLD OUT

Custom Signals                        SW-TDI                     Turnout Direction Indicator Switch                                 SOLD OUT



Custom Signals                  9972                       Mount and Wire BSF to Panel Board                               SOLD OUT     

Custom Signals                        9974                           Modular Surface Jack Connections                          SOLD OUT   

Custom Signals                        9977                           Mount and wire TDC to Panel Board /block                    SOLD OUT       

Custom Signals                        9978                           Mount and Wire GCF-1 to Panel Board /track                 SOLD OUT       

Custom Signals                        9984                            Mount and Wire PCBs to PPB-1, /sq. ft.                          SOLD OUT            

Custom Signals                        9985                            Wire in Approach Lighting, /sq. ft.                                   SOLD OUT      

Custom Signals                        9986                            Mount and Repaint Signals /Target Head                       SOLD OUT            

Custom Signals                        9990                            Custom Signal on Site Installation /day                           SOLD OUT           

Custom Signals                        9991                            Custom Signal on Site Installation /hour                         SOLD OUT            

Custom Signals                        9997                            Signal Layout Design / Signal Block                                           $2.00      

Custom Signals                        9998                            PPB-1 Circuit Board Wiring Design /Signal Block                   $10.00    



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